Sharda Sahai was born in Benares in 1935, a direct descendent of Pandit Ram Sahai, the founder of the Benares style (“gharana”) of tabla playing. With the inherent gift in his blood of the finest traits of the Benares baj, he began at an early age to learn tabla from his father, the late Pandit Bhagvati Sahai.

Recordings by Pandit Sharda Sahai

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The Art of the Benares Baj

The Art of the Benares Baj by Pandit Sharda SahaiThis recording features a single solo in Tintal.

Recorded in Toronto July 26, 1983.
Engineer: Timothy Clark
Pt. Sharda Sahai-tabla
Bob Becker-harmonium lahara

The Spirit of Benares

The Spirit of Benares by Pandit Sharda SahaiSharda Sahai’s performance explores the technical and expressive possibilities of the tabla to its fullest. The performances in Tintal and Rupak tal fallow the most common solo performance sequence said to have been laid down by Pt. Ram Sahai. The final item is in drut (fast) Ektal.

This recording features Ramesh Mishra on sarangi.

Recorded by Mike Blaty, Mixed and Edited by Ray Dillard and Bob Becker

This recording was made possible by the generosity of Tim Richards and Pandit Ram Sahai Sangit Vidyalaya

This recording features the following tracks:
realaudio samples hi-speed or low-speed Rupak hi-speed or low-speed Ektal hi-speed or low-speed

Compositions of Benares Compositions of Benares
Gurukul Gurukul
Miami Live in Miami
Music Room Music Room – Jalsa Ghar
Emperor of Tabla

Emperor of Tabla 

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Play Tabla Play Tabla: A Video Guide to Playing Tabla
This video features:
Basic Strokes
Basic Kaidas
Rhythmic Phrases
Live Performance